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Velocity had its 20th anniversary in 2021 at the height of the pandemic, and since we couldn't get together then, we’re inviting our friends to help us celebrate this year. We have several special concerts coming up this May, which we’d love for you to attend as we look back on two decades of innovation in handbells.  Please join us as we celebrate not only our survival through turbulent times, but our 20 years of making music!

Anniversaries are also times to look forward: what can Velocity achieve in the years to come?  To accomplish our twin goals of advancing musical artistry and reaching the next generation of handbell musicians, we'll need your help.  Like most musical nonprofits, we depend on donations to support our work, but (aside from our famous holiday toffee sales) we've never before had a real fundraising campaign.  

So in 2023 we launched our "20 for 20" campaign. We invite each of you to donate $1 for each year Velocity has been in existence. That’s a $20 donation. If you can give more, great! If you need to give less, great! Whatever you have to offer will be gratefully accepted, and it's fully tax deductible. Our goal is to reach $20,000 by concert time next May. 

Please tell your friends and philanthropists that Velocity needs 20 for its 20th anniversary to reach $20,000. We will need everyone’s help to continue to make music, educate kids … oh, and make more toffee during the holidays!

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