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Music That Moves

Velocity Handbell Ensemble recently celebrated its 20th anniversary! Watch our Events page for news about our upcoming anniversary concerts.

About Velocity Handbell Ensemble

The term “velocity” is sometimes defined as distance traveled per unit of time. But with Velocity Handbell Ensemble™ you will experience the movement of music through space. Velocity actually takes its name from the lesser-known dictionary definition: “the rate of change of position in relation to time.” In other words, it’s not just about speed—it’s about having the right rate of speed. You could call that “right rate of speed” movement —just the right amount of movement for each piece: sometimes fast and sometimes slow, but always at the right rate to make music that moves™.


Join Us For Our Next Event

Interested in hearing about Velocity’s upcoming concerts or events? Sign up for our contact list and be among the first to be notified when something great is happening!

Watch Velocity On YouTube

Velocity is posting highlights from past concerts on Our YouTube Playlist, starting with “Awakening” by Karen Lakey Buckwalter and “Beginnings” by our own Scott McGlasson at the National Handbell Seminar in 2017.  Share and enjoy!

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